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Construction Project Manager - Madison, WI


Lead, facilitate, and manage construction projects from conception to completion.

Task Performance and Experience

Employee must have a high school diploma and college degree in Project or Construction Management with relative construction experience. Employee will work under direct supervision of Director of Operations and executive management team.  Employee WILL possess immaculate organizational, scheduling, and management skills. Employee must have a willingness to learn new techniques and know how to make them work. Employee will perform estimating of all types, from square foot costs to hard-bid projects with detailed analysis, take offs, and proposals. Employee is directly responsible for all bids leaving the office, their completeness and accuracy with respect to owner’s requirements. Employee will work with the director of operations and assistant project manager on all projects. Employee will perform all aspects of project management including by not limited to issuing contracts and change orders, contract negotiations, issuing addendums and supplemental instructions, issuing requests for information, and being an important and key contact for subcontractors and owners. Employee will work directly with owners to ensure a complete job is being performed to the owner’s wishes. Employee will work directly with the owner on any revisions, changes, or directives, and their associated cost impacts if applicable. Employee will hold a 10-hour OSHA certification and maintain a current standing.


  • Reports to office on time, alert, and able on a daily basis.

  • Visits jobsites to ensure accuracies and answer questions.

  • Willingness and eagerness to learn.

  • Works and exhibits professional attributes throughout activities.

  • Has particular knowledge of OSHA and safety procedures and practices.

  • Correctly sets up project management job manuals.

  • Performs take-offs for estimates.

  • Issues Request for Proposals.

  • Qualifies bid drawings.

  • Qualifies bid documents.

  • Complies project scopes, schedules and master plans.

  • Responsible for accurate and complete bids and proposals.

  • Correctly utilizes computer software to prepare estimates and proposals.

  • Knows the correct way to qualify and quantify subcontractor bids.

  • Is knowledgeable in contract negotiations.

  • Issues contracts and change orders.

  • Issues addendums, supplemental instructions.

  • Issues RFI’s and distributes answers.

  • Coordinates scheduling and overall master planning on projects.

  • Maintains all parts of a project and complies job progress reports for management team.


Base Salary of $70K-$110K.


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