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Carpenter - Madison, WI


Assist carpentry crew in construction of wood and steel structures.


  • Reports to jobsite on time, alert, and able on a daily basis.

  • Has necessary tools of the trade required for any variety of jobsite tasks.

  • Has current 10-hour OSHA certification.

  • Follows company and jobsite procedures, manuals and policies as required.

  • Has current forklift and sky-trak training, if applicable.

  • Works under supervision of superintendent or carpenter.

  • Creates task lists of items to-do and completes them thoroughly.

  • Has knowledge of common construction practices and methods.

  • Fuels company equipment as needed.

  • Keeps jobsite clean and debris-free.

  • Practices and ensures a safe working environment.

  • Finds solutions to problems.

  • Thinks creatively and with latitude.

  • Sets, plans and accomplishes goals.

  • Build walls, steel and wood construction, with proper fastening tools and fasteners.

  • Frame door and window openings per plan.

  • Set doors and windows per plan.

  • Install ADA blocking per ADA hardware requirements.

  • Install ADA hardware properly.

  • Install Cabinetry per plan.

  • Understand a blueprint or set of plans.

  • Set trusses and joists properly, with bracing per plan.

  • Set up the jobsite in the morning with the proper tools and equipment needed.

  • Clean equipment and securely store equipment at end of day.


Base pay of $22-$27 an hour

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