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KU Consulting, LLC understands that the driving force allowing us to achieve our goals is having the opportunity to work with top talent and leading corporations across diverse markets.  We place great importance on building and maintaining relationships we have cultivated, as well as expressing how much we value each and every partnership.  KU Consulting has introduced the KU Referral Rewards Program as an opportunity to show our gratitude and acknowledge the impact word of mouth has had on our ability to continue to do what we love.


For every candidate that you refer to us, you will earn a cash reward ranging in value without limitation to the amount one can earn in a calendar year.  The amount of each reward is determined by the candidate’s experience, base salary, company for which they make a great fit, as well as the position for which they are hired.  Due to KU Consulting’s guarantee of positive candidate-client pairings, a referral must remain in a direct hire position for a period of at least 90 days and meet all client contract requirements to qualify to receive payout.


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