Technical Pre Sales Engineer - Remote Position

Job Description:

Provide technical consultations with potential customers. Matching the right solution with customer’s specific application. Most of the customers are novice or hobby machinist. We need to provide fundamental guidance on machine capabilities. Setting realistic expectations with our customers is a top priority.

Team Charter:

The charter of the team is to actively manage the sales funnel and provide an exceptional buying experience for our customers.

This team is built upon a customer-centric mentality. Everyone must have exceptional people skills including strong product knowledge and industry knowledge to build trust & credibility with each customer. The team listens to the customer’s needs, responds clearly to each request, providing 1:1 care and support via phone & Zoom meetings, addressing each customer’s concerns and objections. Interacting with customers and coordinating requests across the entire company. The goal, of course, is to close the deal, if we have the right solution for the customer. We are not interested in selling a customer a machine if it will not meet and exceed their expectations.

There are four members of the Presales Engagement Team:

  • (2) Technical Presales Engineers who provide technical consultations and guide the customer through the buyer’s journey. Matching the customer’s needs with appropriate machines and accessories.

  • (2) Presales Account Advisors who guide the customer through the purchasing transaction. This includes quote creation, order placement, and payment.


High school education is a minimum


We are looking for an experienced machinist with great people skills. The individual must be able to fully comprehend what the customer is trying to accomplish with the machine.