Senior Sales Manager - New Berlin, WI

Role and Responsibilities

  • Develop marketing and sales programs and promotions that drive and increase sales

  • Develop existing relationships and initiate new relationships within the medical distribution market that will increase sales and exposure

  • Identify new or potential markets to expand into

  • Establish strategic direction to engage and build relationships in North America

  • Leverage data to establish market target, including competitor’s comprehensive analysis for both B2B and B2C products

  • Guide negotiations to finalize the deal/agreement

  • Review and analyze sales data to ensure business is growing as agreed upon plan

  • Review the company P&L to control expenses

  • Recommend potential products and product improvements that will increase sales or resolve product deficiencies

  • Negotiate contracts and agreements with vendors and customers

  • Represent the company at various community and/or business meetings to promote positive relations with partners, vendors, and distributors

  • Oversee the corporate office in New Berlin. Manage office staff, evaluate performance, recommend salary increases and promotions, keep office expenses in check, terminate employees, and resolve issues that occur in the office with personnel providing discipline when necessary to Corporate if we should use them

  • Attend industry meetings that deal with issues currently affecting the Medical Sales and Distribution market to provide the latest ideas, trends, discussions and solutions

  • Act as the liaison between International Headquarters and USA in regard to strategic planning

  • Make changes in territory personnel if performance is lagging

  • Mentor the staff to develop them to their complete potential

  • Monitor inventory levels to ensure that company does not have backorders but maintain a safe stock level without being overstocked

  • Identify and provide programs to the team that will help them to develop their knowledge of our products and marketplace

  • Research competitors to identify what their market strategy is and report back to Corporate


$114K + uncapped commission.


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