Project Coordinator - Woonsocket, RI


Must be personable with a positive attitude and the ability to adapt to a fast paced atmosphere. Job will require juggling multiple tasks at the same time while remaining calm and collected. Answers must be provided real time, so the ability to stay caught up while keeping information at the tip of tongue is crucial. Some inside sales will be required and will be a part of the daily expectations. Candidate will need to be a quick learner with the ability to troubleshoot. Some technical knowledge is preferred but not required. Proficient in Microsoft word and excel.

Job duties:

  • Office hours Monday- Friday 8-5

  • Effectively manage the day to day activities deemed as your responsibility so as to keep customer happy.

  • Learn customer expectations and apply them to every call. Question anything that is out of place for your particular customer.

  • Provide real time updates on project status.

  • Work with project team to assist other Project Managers.

  • Talking to customers internal support group and establishing trust and building relationship.

  • Work with the Project Team to dispatch ongoing projects

  • Work with the Project & Service teams on site coordination and information collection

  • Work with onsite managers and team to schedule, coordinate and collect needed information.

  • Coordinate site lifts as needed

  • Answer incoming telephone calls to project line.

  • Work with the Account Manager to better refine procedures and protocol

  • Work with the Account Manager & Technical Development Manager to learn and understand the project plan and SOW and assist with development.

  • Work with vendors for equipment orders.

  • Work with technician’s onsite for check in, check out, and technical support as it applies.

  • Update and Maintain ARC in real time.

  • Billing of jobs as they are completed.

  • Take on additional tasks such as after hours support and management as needed.

  • Be on time or early for all tasks (examples: Meetings, deadlines, conference calls, email/phone requests, etc)

  • Response to email with in a timely manner and/or confirmation of emails when immediate answer is not possible.




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