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Director of Finance & Systems – Madison, WI

The Director of Finance & Systems oversees the financial operations and business systems of the organization. This multifaceted leadership position requires a deep understanding of finance, accounting, technology, process optimization, and vendor management. The manager is responsible for driving the integration of financial and business systems to enhance operational efficiency, data accuracy, and strategic decision-making.

Position-Specific Competencies

  • Bachelor’s degree in Finance, Accounting, Information Systems, Business, or similar field; Master’s degree preferred.

  • Minimum of ten years of Finance, Accounting, Information Technology, and/or vendor management experience, with at least five years of management experience, preferably as a senior manager.

  • Proven strong leadership and management skills.

  • Deep-rooted understanding of accounting and business acumen including financial strategic planning, forecasting, budgeting, cost analysis, compliance, regulations, internal controls, and ERP systems.

  • Technical proficiency with IT concepts, security, data security, database technologies, SQL, and reporting.

  • Experience managing vendor relationships and external systems.

  • Strong analytical skills and the ability to translate complex data into actionable insights.

  • Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail.

  • Strong negotiation skills.

Primary Responsibilities

1. As a member of the Leadership team:

  • Characterized by philosophy and behaviors consistent with our Core Values and Expectations of Leaders.

  • Positively represent our company as an advocate of our mission, vision, values, strategy, culture, other Leaders and their teams, and decisions made by the Leadership team and Executive Leadership.

  • Contribute to corporate strategic plan and develop objectives to execute long-term and operational strategies

2. Active, consistent, and persistent leadership and management of the Finance &

Systems team; provide accountability, responsibility, direction, goals, prioritization,

inspiration, cross functional collaboration, professional development, and recognition for team.

3. Accountable for development and execution of Financial Operations functions, as


  • Ensure financial strategies and operations align with the organization's objectives, ensuring financial health and stability.

  • Monitor financial performance, analyze ratios and variances, and provide recommendations on product pricing, cost control, and revenue enhancement.

  • Establish and maintain strong internal controls within financial and business systems to identify vulnerabilities, mitigate risks, and ensure data integrity.

  • Stay current with regulations and best practices, ensuring compliance with applicable regulations, accounting standards, and internal policies.

4. Accountable for development and execution of integrated reporting needs of the

Company, as appropriate.

  • Analyze existing financial and business processes, identifying bottlenecks and areas for improvement.

  • Identify opportunities to integrate financial and business systems to improve process efficiency and data accuracy.

  • Collaborate with IT and cross-functional teams to design, build, implement, and maintain integrated reporting that streamlines workflows, enhances data sharing, and informs at all levels of the Company.

  • Develop and maintain comprehensive executive dashboards that provide real-time visibility into key performance metrics and business processes.

5. Accountable for development and execution of vendor systems and relationship

management, as appropriate.

  • Liaison to vendors for key systems/software, including IT and data security, HR/PEO, CRM, ERP, Lead Generation, and Project/Task Management. Includes relationship management and management of trouble tickets, projects, and upgrades.

  • Provide appropriate working level expertise and facilitation of training for key systems/software functionality, enabling business areas to focus on business functions.

6. Other duties as assigned.


$120K - 133K Must be available to work on-site at the Madison office. Must have a bachelor’s and 10+ years’ experience in Finance, Accounting, Information Systems, Business, or similar field as well as 5+ years of Senior Management experience.

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