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Construction Superintendent - Madison, WI


Coordinate, facilitate, and supervise the construction of a single or multiple projects under the supervision of office personnel.

Task Performance and Experience

Employee must have a high school diploma and expert construction experience with a wide range of knowledge of commonly used concepts, practices and procedures accepted in the building carpentry industry. Employee will have experience as a lead carpenter and superintendent. Employees will possess skills needed to correctly interpret plans, shop drawings, addendums, and field directives. Employee will have general knowledge of building codes and compliance. Employee will perform tasks required under supervision of office personnel and director of operations. Employee will perform administrative and field tasks critical to project success. Employee will have knowledge and ability to schedule, lead, organize, and instruct subcontractors and internal personnel on project details, construction, and execution. Employee will perform safety inspections for Supreme Structures and also to ensure the safety of subcontractors. Employee will professionally represent Supreme Structures in meetings with subcontractors and owners. Employee will ensure safe operation of all equipment onsite. Maintains a clean and usable jobsite at all times. Employee will be certified by a 10-hour OSHA class and will keep the certification current annually.


  • Reports to job site on time, alert, and able on a daily basis.

  • Has necessary tools of the trade required for any variety of jobsite tasks.

  • Has current 10-hour OSHA certification.

  • Follows company and jobsite procedures, manuals and policies as required.

  • Has current forklift and sky-trak training, if applicable.

  • Works under supervision of office and director of operations

  • Creates task lists of items to-do and completes them thoroughly.

  • Extensive knowledge of all construction practices and methods.

  • Fuels company equipment as needed.

  • Keeps jobsite clean and debris-free.

  • Practices and ensures a safe working environment.

  • Performs daily safety inspections.

  • Finds solutions to problems.

  • Thinks creatively and with latitude.

  • Sets, plans and accomplishes goals.

  • Creates and updates schedules properly.

  • Tracks and documents changes and daily information properly.

  • Coordinates subcontractors, deliveries, and material suppliers.

  • Thoroughly understand, interpret, and blueprint or set of plans.

  • Set up the jobsite in the morning with the proper tools and equipment needed.

  • Clean equipment and securely store equipment at the end of day.

  • Ensures job site is secure every night and accessible every morning.


Base Salary of $80K-$100K

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